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This engaging and humorous story, in verse, promotes awareness of the importance of Honey Bees to agriculture, and our environment. Set in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, this is a tale about Haley Honey Bee, who goes on a quest to find a magic, pink rose. Her hive’s Queen  Bee, has been poisoned by a “witch”wasp. Haley must cross the “Great Water” of Lake Ontario, to reach the shores of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Hampered by faulty vision, she experiences harrowing adventures, on her way to saving the Queen Bee and becoming the celebrated heroine of her hive! This book includes information for children, parents, and teachers, in “Question and Answer” format, about Honey Bees, Pollination, and the honey-making process. Kathryn Burton is an author and poet with a love of bees from her childhood in Ontario Canada.

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