Haley Honey Bee Books

The Haley Honey Bee Series of children’s books have been created Haley-Cover-Pose-with-textby author Kathryn Burton. There are several books being created currently with various release dates. Information on the books will be added to this website as it becomes available. Make sure you follow the website so you can have the latest information about book signings and releases. Check out the webpage for each book to learn more about each story.

Book 1: Haley Honey Bee Finds the Magic Rose

Haley Honey Bee Cover

Book 2: Haley Honey Bee in Flight Over Thunder Waters

Haley Honey Bee in Flight Over Thunder Waters
Haley Honey Bee in Flight Over Thunder Waters

About the Illustrators

The Haley Honey Bee Book series has been illustrated  by two different illustrators to date. The style of an illustrator can change the look of a book so it is very important to find the right person for the job. Below is some information about the illustrators that worked on the Haley Honey Bee Series:

Glendyne Dewhurst Cox

Glendyne was the first artist to illustrate the book in it’s original version published in 2013. Additional artwork in the original version was handled by Canweb Printing in Stoney Creek Ontario. Photographs used in the original version were taken by Kathryn Burton.

Glendyne was born in the United Kingdom and has lived most of her life in Ontario Canada where she was a semi-professional artist. Her work has been exhibited in juried shows including the Art Gallery of Hamilton. She currently resides in Yate, UK. with her husband and dog. She continues to exhibit and create paintings to this day.

Bruce Outridge

The second version of Finds the Magic Rose was illustrated by artist Bruce Outridge in 2014. Bruce owns his own illustration and design business in Burlington Ontario. He was born in Toronto Ontario and has been drawing since the age of ten years old. He is an entrepreneur and has a variety of projects and business ventures to his list of accomplishments. To learn more about Bruce and his work please visit his website at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com


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